Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keeping up with Joneses...or bloggers

One reason I always shuddered about going into teaching was that odious old saw, "those that can't do, teach." It's really a cruel thought, but sometimes true, if only because those that teach are not left with much time to do.

Well, that's my excuse for this week. I'm putting together content for a workshop on Blogging, and I'm not a very regular blogger, to tell the truth. I do have good content to share, because I have managed several blogs, edited posts, contributed as a guest blogger, and created blogs on several different platforms. And read and researched about blogs, and interviewed people about blogs. And soon will have created a verrrry comprehensive presentation about blogs, with fun blog images, collected tips, resources, etc. But that cannot be shared just yet, because my new students will be the ones to enjoy the labors of the material I've compiled for their edification and inspiration.

I'm hoping the workshop will be really fun, too. I can't wait to meet the people who are coming and hear what they want to learn about blogging. I created a pre-workshop "homework," which is a survey about their blogging exposure and goals, which I will share here after the workshop, in case anyone wants to create something similar for a workshop they are doing on blogging, or anything else. (I used SurveyMonkey, which has free surveys, and is a pretty terrific tool, for casual or professional surveying needs.)

For now, I'm going to share one of the tidbits I've prepared for the workshop attendees. It's just something silly and fun, but maybe you will get a kick out of. Here's a Blogger Terms Word Search for your use. Contact me if you'd like me to send you this puzzle as a full page file. (The tool I used to create this was a fun and easy free tool from Discovery Education called Puzzlemaker.) 

Blogging Terms Word Search by Ann Shea

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