Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blase about blogging

One of the curious things about blogging, like any other activity, is that it can become a regular habit, if one wishes, and like most habits, scheduling a regular time and some positive reinforcements for engaging in the activity, can help make the habit stick.

It helps to cultivate the habit if we're clear in why we want to incorporate the habit into our lifestyle. By keeping the end goal in the "mind's eye," we are more likely to value creating a strong behavior bond to stick with the habit, and muster up the gumption to continue with the effort that will bring about the repetition to help behavior recur.

For me, blogging is a sporadic thing. If I'm tasked with contributing or managing a corporate blog, the motivation is extrinsic. It's part of an agreement I make with an employer or client, and I commit to maintaining to the blog with an expected regularity. For personal blogs, it more of an indulgence activity, spurred on by winds of caprice. When I feel like shouting into the void to see if an echo returns my yodels, I tap out notes in a blog. It's really freeing, because I know I don't have an editorial stamp to redline my thoughts, or call me to task if I'm being long-winded or off-topic.

I'm revisiting Catapult as a blog I'd dabbled in too many moons ago. Dusting it off, I feel pangs of compunction, but not too heavy a burden of guilt. It's a blog I have some affection for. Neither grand pride of authorship nor dismay of disuse. Simply like a needlepoint that has been laid aside for some time, but able to be picked up at any time.
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It feels good to write again, and with expectation of readers who may glean some encouragement from entries here, I'm resuming here for a week or two. Let's see what happens.

---To be continued.---

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