Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ooph! Vampires and Zombies are the new buzzwords!

This has been an exhausting 2 weeks.  I've been holding my nose to the grindstone, my feet to the fire, my ears to the headset and my eyes to my laptop screen.  What am I doing with all the hours online?

Well, I went on a marathon, masochistic spree of signing up for marketing, coaching, article writing opt-in newsletters.  I found a funny trend.  Marketing people are writing of subscribers who get in the "sales funnel" and don't buy as "zombies" and "vampires."  Sounds like a little mud-slinging when people won't plunk down the greenbacks!  But those words do make for catch copy headlines. I guess I'm probably a first class vampire by now.

However, I did crack out my credit card today to purchase Apple's Quick Time Pro at $30 a pop.  Let's see how it does in helping make some podcasts to share. 

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