Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beware of Fake Online Profiles

What do the following images have to do with each other? They are all related to a type of scam that is growing online...FAKE ONLINE PROFILES 

(sorry, LinkedIn is going downhill, along with many other sites.)

A slimy attempt to pitch something using an attractive photo. In this case, it was an invitation that came in my Gmail account (see last screen capture) from this fictious, hard-working (and very poised!) young lady by the name of "Anna Glick." 

Seems the good folk at are so eager to get people to try their new app that they are hitting people up through LinkedIn, asking them to connect via "Anna." And "Anna" (or whoever's behind Prosimity's misguided marketing scheme) has been pretty well, popular? Check out her LinkedIn connections, mostly men who seem to have jumped at the chance to connect and endorse this lovely lass. (2nd image)

If you suspect someone's not real, upload their pic on (second image) and see what you get. In this case, "Anna" is also a Russian bride, available for other people eager to buy connectivity.

Oops, really Prosimity, this doesn't bode well.

Uploading the picture of "Anna" on Tineye shows she's available through Russian bride sites for other gullibles...
"Anna" has lots of connections (c'mon guys, did you think she was real?) and even endorsements...

Wouldn't touch this app with a 10-foot pole!

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