Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sick Time's Not Necessarily Down Time

While suffering from a nasty cold, I determined to hit the sack in a seriously nonsocial way. After my first two days of being catatonic, I roused myself enough to get to my friendly neighborhood library to see what goodies from my online requests had come in.

(In case you don't use your library system, it's a great source of free entertainment and education, and you can search by topics. Just watch the overdue fines on DVD's!)

My two items being held were on both NLP. Having worked with a life coach for a couple of months, I'd recently determined that I want to know more about this Neurolinguistic Programming mumbo-jumbo that seems to have so many secrets for the people who've trained in it. A lot of them are pretty bright people by the way, even though it's pretty out there.

One item was a set of 8 CDs on the topic. I started listening to the first CD on the way home, but it said it's not recommended to listen to in a place that you can't go into a trance-like state. Well since the librarian told me that other item, "Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workbook For Dummies," was a "high-demand" item, and therefore due in 1 week, instead of the regular 4. So I decided I would read as much as I could while sick. I ended up reading it cover-to-cover in a day, and probably have a better handle on the topic from a Gestalt point of view than if I'd read it in small chunks.

Yes, I did do an inordinate amount of Sudokus the past couple of days, but my point is, sick time can be a time to recharge your brain since you're plunked down in one place with people wanting to leave you alone.

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