Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a blog can be...

  • a list...a poetic list,
  • Or simply INterresting, ARRESTING prose, taking lovely lilting, lifting leaps with rhyme, or none.
  • A running to-do list for personal goals.
Note to self: + Update LinkedIn profile
+ Follow up on last public event and clean up emails
+Call life coach and clarify our relationship
+ Upload videos to YouTube for promotion
+ Work on Power Networking presentation to give away more of my time without charging for it ---
+ Analyze what is wrong with my relationship with money and why I don't want to charge people for knowledge
+ Minimize time on facebook and spend more time on what I perceive as having more lasting value, to whit: (add parenthetical list(within a) list below)
  1. improve dance
  2. learn languages
  3. share knowledge
  4. write REAL snail mail letters, especially to nice people, or complimenting excellent customer service
  5. create beautiful art with color, balance, and a joy to behold by myself most importantly but consider others too.
  6. work on being an angel (i.e., work to mitigate my tragic flaws--write me an email if you want to know them)
List above continued....
  • a public declaration of passions.
  • an instructional manual.
Yes, another I DARE to post without censorship. Getting pretty good at this blogging, with frequency, originally, self-express...Oops those go on the list, which also includes bragging, showing off, entertaining, making cyber friends, okay, back to my "real work," which, believe it or not is communications, though the best communicators listen more than they talk, which means some of my REAL work is dedicated to READING other people's blogs, enjoying discovering their websites, and most of all, meeting the gazillions of fascinating people there are to be known through TWITTER and other sometimes frivolous websites, like Wikipedia and the zillion of special interest forums. Might I add a compliment in general to the people who stoically man help desks and provide customer service by TELEPHONE...OUCH...hats off to you all.

101 tweaks & tips for Gmail

One thing I've learned in the past couple of weeks through working with a professional life coach is to commit to goals and action intentions verbally, as well establish clearly defined and somewhat ambitious goals for ourselves and others. I also learned another individual (a well known professional speaker and social media "guru", ___________, if you want to market information and get people interested in what you have to say, promise them a hand number, like 10 easy steps, or FIVE most important principles. They don't have to be rocket science, either. A good mix of common sense and brilliance suits most tastes best.

Finally, in no particular order of counting, a revelation that gave me great peace as I pondered it absolute that seems to stand true, a logical paradox, a double negative...There is no problem that we cannot solve. Individually or collectively, if it cannot be solved, it is not a problem. A logical paradox, probably even a proof of the existence of God, if nature's miracles and might are not sheer force enough for the logical skeptics that lurk out there, annoying us believers with their stubborn arguments based on proofs.

There is no better joy than belief. This is another handy mantra, and joins my growing stable of conceptual themes that give me delight, chomping the intellectual and spiritual hay of my mind, along with that dear steed, Kaizen, as I desire to rope people maniacally into my scheme of improving the world one person, situation, idea at a time.

Okay, this is the quasi intellectual bullshit I was afraid of when I started this blog. Forgive the self and ego, and don't edit too much. A good blogging guideline...let's see if I can endorse it, though we do recommend editing at a second visit to consider whether the advise is really sound enough, grammar is correct, and spelling close enough to perfect to pass as an intelligent blog entry worthy of someone's too limited time online or possibly worth honing individually or collectively into some sensible, carefully crafted text or prose or manual or webpage more worthy of the space without the annoying run-on sentences of a one-fell-swoop entry, or the vapid dryness of a business or professional blog which might get sapped dry from all sense of individuality, trace of uniquenesslikeness, snipped free of ego. Now Cynicism, get back to your manger and leave the other emotions free to express!

[Ann, I DARE you to keep this blog as is...what if someone discovered it and really questioned whether you are always in your right mind, as opposed to letting the left hemisphere have a nanosecond of say in your thoughts?]